ONErpm free distribution services

ONErpm Announces Free Distribution Services for Artists

ONErpm (ONE Revolution People's Music), a digital music distributor and YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN), has announced it has eliminated any upfront costs to their global distribution platform, allowing any content owner to have their music published on the world’s largest music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube at no charge.

The motivation behind enabling free distribution is rooted in the company's desire to continue to open doors for artists while supporting the overall shift to streaming business models. By reducing barriers to distribution, more content is available to consumers, contributing to overall market growth. ONErpm aims to be unique in its sector for providing marketing solutions that empower content owners to succeed and its platform serves as a powerful A&R tool to discover and promote promising new talent.

With the shift to on-demand streaming models, ONErpm recognized early on that building sustainable and loyal audiences on the major music platforms is key to artists’ long term success. With this knowledge, it enabled free distribution to a few stores as a pilot during the past 15 months and has achieved positive results. Simultaneously, it expanded its marketing efforts on those same platforms to increase visibility for their artists and new releases. As a result, just on streaming alone, ONErpm witnessed nearly a 30% month-to-month growth for the past 15 consecutive months.

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Another example is the company's strong performance on YouTube, where distribution has always been free for those in the ONErpm network. Since working with YouTube in early 2013 as a Certified Partner, ONErpm has witnessed exponential growth on the video-sharing platform and now generates over two billion plays per month. In addition to rights management services, the distributor works with YouTube channels to grow their audiences and on average; channels in the ONErpm Network doubled their number of subscribers in 2015. Currently, the company is one of YouTube’s largest Multi Channel Networks (MCNs) with a subscriber base of 50 million.

CEO Emmanuel Zunz concludes, “With free distribution ONErpm has completely shifted its focus to marketing artists and their releases to help them expand their audiences and poise them for long term success. Our incentives are 100% aligned with our clients so that together with our content owners and our partner platforms we can build a stronger future for music.”

For more information, visit onerpm.com.