"Oblivion's Edge" Patch Library Released for Omnisphere 2

ILIO introduces an otherworldly new patch library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 that brings the sound of dystopian landscapes and Sci-Fi cinema to productions.

Sci-Fi movies and television shows are a modern cinema du jour. ILIO and Libra Rising Music have teamed up to provide sound designers and composers with a new, unexplored sonic landscape, as seductive as it is ominous. Jesse Scott of Libra Rising Music proudly presents a new patch library for Omnisphere 2 called "Oblivion's Edge", which is inspired by television shows such as Altered Carbon, Westworld, The Loop, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, as well as movies such as Interstellar, Arrival, and Annihilation. This library is certain to inspire with transcendent new sounds that defy earthly explanation.

Oblivion's Edge is a professional producer's toolkit of mood-setting, complex and evolving soundscapes, drones, textures, pads, hits, beds, choirs, and effects that will help set the tone of your next soundtrack or add otherworldly panache to any style of electronic music.

At the heart of Oblivion's Edge is over 1.4 GB of brand-new source material derived from:

- NASA recordings - Van Allen Asteroid Belt, Ganymede (A moon of Jupiter), Apollo Moon Missions
- Whale and dolphin songs
- Mysterious Mariana Trench (the deepest oceanic trench on Earth) recordings
- Tibetan singing bowls
- Incomprehensible Cyberpunk radio broadcasts
- Funeral bagpipes
- Electric Guitars (with tons of pedals, high-end effects processors and mic'd vintage cabinets)
- Modern modular synthesizers and effects modules

Every sample was meticulously recorded at 48/24 (with some at 96/24) and processed through top of the line analog equipment for maximum sound quality. The majority of patches in Oblivion's Edge take advantage of Omnisphere's recent 2.6 update, utilizing up to four simultaneous layers.

"Oblivion's Edge is my all-time favorite collection of sounds that I've ever created," says Jesse Scott. "It's taken me my entire career of 25 years as a producer to figure out what it is that I love doing most, and this is definitely the product of that. There's an undeniable sort of transcendence with otherworldly sounds and textures which, I believe, transports the listener to alternative planes of existence (figuratively speaking). Creating these types of sounds for my own music, and for others, is something I'm very passionate about..."

Oblivion's Edge loads quickly and easily into Omnisphere 2.6 or higher. Each sound is optimized for use with your modulation wheel for real-time control on stage or in the studio.

Oblivion's Edge contains 101 meticulously crafted patches including:

- 22 Cinematic Drones
- 43 Complex & Evolving Textures/Sound Beds
- 12 Spaced out Sound FX
- 12 Hits & Stabs
- 4 Futuristic Polyphonic Synths
- 4 Ethereal Pads
- 4 Vox Based Sounds & Choirs

Learn more about Oblivion's Edge at ILIO.