Nief-Norf Opens Call for Scores

Nief-Norf is a Knoxville-based contemporary music organization. As performers, educators, and curators, Nief-Norf champions works from the established and emerging experimental tradition since its inception in 2005.

Each year the nnSF Call for Scores invites submissions of contemporary scores for chamber ensemble that are performed at the annual Nief-Norf Summer Festival (occurring June 8-22, 2020). Composers of selected compositions will be invited to attend the festival and coach festival students and faculty in the preparation of the work.


The nnSF20 Call for Scores invites submissions of works for chamber ensemble (3-12 players) for any of the following instruments:

  • bassoon

  • cello

  • clarinet (all family)

  • double bass

  • electronics (requiring a separate performer)

  • flute (all family)

  • guitar (acoustic or electric)

  • harp

  • horn

  • oboe

  • percussion

  • piano / keyboard

  • saxophone (all family)

  • trombone

  • trumpet

  • tuba

  • viola

  • violin

  • voice

The call is open to all composers without restriction. We welcome any of the following—scores requiring multiples of any of the above instruments (such as percussion ensemble or string quartet); works including improvisation, electronics (including audio or video fixed media), indeterminate notation or open instrumentation; works that have been performed, recorded or published. All interested composers, at any point in their career, are eligible to apply.

Submission fee: $15 for the first composition, $10 for each additional work (up to three).

Details: Selections will be made in part based on the instruments of enrolled fellows in the Performance Workshop. If your score is selected, you will be invited and expected to attend the nnSF20 during a three-day period determined by the rehearsal and performance schedule. Composers will be given the opportunity to work directly with the fellows in preparation for a performance of their pieces. Selected composers will be offered accommodations for two nights and meals for three days. However, travel will not be covered or reimbursed. Selected composers are expected to provide performance materials for their work.

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