New Toys: STL Tones ControlHub

STL Tones now has ControlHub, a pro audio mixing plug-in with models of completely configured signal chains as developed and used by well-known industry engineer/producers.

The chain includes up to five modules each with separate bypass buttons to produce very specifically dialed-in processing for complete stereo mixes, individual parts of a modern drum kit, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, and both lead and backing vocals. 

They are: Pre EQ—a three band semi-parametric and a hi/lo filter, Color can be the actual analog console's channel strip used or maybe a transformer. There is a Compression module with a choice of either a FET or VCA gain control element, Auto release, Sidechain and Wet/Dry mixing. The Master EQ section is similar to the Pre EQ and then the Effects processor is a complete reverb and delay system with pre-delay and different reverb types. You may sync to session tempo, parallel process with a Wet/Dry mixer, use modulation controls and set a Hi/lo pass filter. 

I liked that whatever processor was used—it is named up in the top row over the modules in the GUI. This is an inside look to see if a particular artist/mixer used a Neve 1084 module in the Color section and/or an SSL Bus Comp was emulated in the Compression module.

With this new launch, the Artist Packs include: Mark Lewis, Machine (the Producer), Castle Recording Studios, and my friend Neal Avron.

ControlHub emulates the original hardware or software signal chains and some of the artist/mixers offer to breakdown the settings of individual modules from the SSL G+ five Series, RND consoles, and Neal Avron's Melbourne.

The ControlHub plug-in, including one free Artist Expansion Pack, and will be available at the special introductory price of $199.