New Toys: PSP Audioware InfiniStrip ver 1.2.1 Plugin

InfiniStrip is so named because it is a nearly infinitely configurable channel strip and has super low latency making it useful for mixing, tracking or live streaming. It is commendable that PSP keeps improving their products and InfiniStrip ver 1.2.1 is their latest “work in progress,” but it’s ready now to work with this free upgrade for registered users.

InfiniStrip has 26 independent processor modules available for designing your own unique channel strip. Looking like a 500 series outboard rack, the 26 are divided into 8 types of modules. There are multiple choices of preamps, EQs, compressors, limiters, gates, expanders, ducker, de-esser, filters, and saturators. Seven slots are designated for certain processors and two insert slots (X & Y) are for using any module you like. You may drag and drop the modules in any signal chain order.

Other new thing: an improved preset system with sort-by-category, Undo/Redo functionality, improved A/B, and over 60 new presets for this rich and deep plugin!

This new version adds ReactivEQ, a dynamic equalizer I tried in slot Y and in Mini View mode. I liked ReactivEQ for problem solving as gently as possible. It is good for singers who have certain peaky moments that will spoil whatever flattering EQ and compression settings you already have set up. It also works well for de-popping vocals because you can set a very narrow Q that lowers only the p-pop’s frequency only. Good stuff!

PSP Audioware InfiniStrip ver 1.2.1 has so much going on, and it keeps getting better with all the improvements and bug fixes. The operation, analog look and modular feel of this system are cool. So upgrade now! New users can buy PSP InfiniStrip edition for $199 as a download.