New Toys: ProMark Drumstick Lines

ProMark introduces two distinctly different drumstick lines: the ProMark and ProMark Classic models. ProMark features the rear-weighted, performance-driven Rebound and Finesse lines with innovations such as ActiveGrip and FireGrain.

ProMark Classic is a “celebration of the timeless feel, look, and straight-ahead performance of ProMark’s golden era,” and also the home of their front-weighted, Forward and Attack lines.

Every pair of ProMark Drumsticks is “Perfected With ProMatch,” a proprietary multi-stage weight and pitch sorting process. ProMatch guarantees consistency both from stick-to-stick and from pair-to-pair.

Kiln-dried wooden dowels are weight-sorted, separated, and batched together based on a standardized, precision model. Using precise wood working methods, raw dowels are cut, shaped, lacquered, and treated, to yield the final sticks. Besides weight, all sticks are matched according to their tuned pitch, averaging a difference of only 9Hz within any model.