New Toys: NUGEN Audio Halo Vision

Halo Vision is a collection of customizable stereo audio analysis tools that also work up to 7.1.2 channels of audio for the AAX, VST3 and AU formats. Halo Vision provides audio professionals with a real-time picture of sonic details that may be hidden to the ear, yet still destructive to the finished sound. 

One of the most important uses of Halo Vision is to view correlation—the phase relationship between all channels together or paired individually. Two-channel stereo is easily visualized, but the 7.1.2 channels used in surround, Atmos, Sony 360 and other immersive formats present a challenge! Halo Vision's Correlation Matrix shows the phase relationship between any two selected channels. A right triangle chart shows, at a glance, up to 10 channels on X and Y axes each with its own anti-correlation warning. The Correlation Web window shows (in red) up any pair of channels that become out of phase correlation.

Other tools useful to evaluate fleeting moments within an immersive audio mix easily missed, are Frequency Haze and Location Haze. Frequency Haze measures the frequency content across the surround panorama while Location Haze tracks its energy distribution. These two displays indicate hot spots or buildups not necessarily or immediately heard in the mix room.

Full spectrum FFT analysis can be a combined view of all channels together or divided into specified colored-coded groups. You can see whenever the LFE channel is masking the low frequencies of the deep male voiceover talent! Finally, the True Peak Meter provides a level measurement for each channel. Halo Vision can be customized, re-arranged and resized to suit any specific workflow, making it perfect for a broad spectrum of immersive sound projects.

Halo Vision sells for $299 MSRP as a download from NUGEN Audio's website.