New Toys: Minuendo LIVE 17dB Lossless Earplugs

Norway-based Minuendo’s newest product, LIVE 17dB earplugs, are a more affordable yet still wonderful product than the more expensive Adjustable earplugs previously covered here. Named as “lossless,” they are extremely well made and pleasurable to use.

LIVE 17dB earplugs come in a beautiful package with a small, sturdy, zippered carrying case for portability. Eleven different sized and shaped foam and silicone earpieces make fit an easy process. The earpieces click firmly into place on the ear plug, and I got the feeling that they would not come off by accident very easily. An included string can connect the two earplugs to enhance the security of not losing the earplugs themselves. I used the earplugs on a few transcontinental airplane rides, and the connecting string draped around my neck gave me a feeling that I would not lose any of the earplugs on the flight.

In loud band rehearsals, these earplugs really shined. As their frequency response is very good, vocal intelligibility and instrument tone was front and center, and I could still hear bandmates speaking without having to remove the earplugs.

I also had the opportunity to use the earplugs at some concerts. One concert, Oingo Boingo Former Members, was very loud and the LIVE 17dB made the concert a very pleasurable and safe experience, with sound quality vastly exceeding what cheapo foam or silicone earplugs would have provided. 

Available in either black or white, the package also includes a cleaning brush and are magnetized to stick together, which can also help in keeping track of them. 

I really like this product and highly recommend it. It is very well made as you would expect from an earplug at this price point, and you ear protection and enjoyment of live music is worth it! If you don’t ever use earplugs because you don’t like the way they sound, this product may change your mind. Barring custom-made earplugs made by an audiologist, LIVE 17dB made be your best bet and may even equal custom earplugs in protection and function as a lower cost option.

List price: $99