NEW TOYS: Kazrog True Dynamics Plug-In

Kazrog’s Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers has released their True Dynamics plug-in. True Dynamics models two different super-rare vintages (the late 1940s and ‘50s) single-channel compressor/limiters: the Presto 41A Limiting Amplifier used in their vinyl disc cutter and the Industrial Transmitter and Amplifiers LA1B Limiting Amplifier as used in AM radio broadcast transmitters. Both are available within the same GUI and I liked that you could switch between them and keep the same knob positions—a modern feature.

On an acoustic guitar track, the LA-1B seems to have a little faster attack time compared to the P41-A. I used the P41-A for a rounder tone on a recording of Nathan East’s five-string bass guitar and saw good, clean gain reduction up to 8dB. On a grand piano recording, I preferred the LA-1B and used both the HPF and LPF side-chain filters. Here I wish there was a bypass button for these filters for a quick A/B. You have to drag their faders to “off” to not hear their effect.

For stereo mix bus compression, I started with the P41-A and the HPF set to 432Hz. I got a significant average level increases here with some dulling of peak moments as expected so I would have to readjust to compromise for maximum level possible. I switched over to the LA-1B without touching any controls and it was more transparent and clear with bright attacks.

So Kazrog’s True Dynamics gives you two “schools of thought” on compression/limiting: an easy-going, musical, and smooth touch with the Presto P41-A and a more strict, precise, clean, and accurate process using the ITA LA-1B. I love them both!

True Dynamics sells for $79.99 and is available as VST 2, 3, AU, and AAX Native.

See the product here.