New Toys: ddrum Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm

In a very clever and simple cool way, ddrum’s Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm adds an extra cymbal to a drum kit without having to find space for a floor stand for an extra cymbal.

Available in short and long sizes, the D-Bone is the perfect extender to build a complex array of cymbals. The D-Bone is sturdy and will handle any crash, ride or effects cymbal, while fitting within the confines of a smaller space that is allowed for your drum kit on stage.

Both the long and short versions of the Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm come as two-piece sets that include both mounting and boom arms. Each D-Bone features dual-tilters for optimal angling and can be attached to a cymbal stand to create a double-cymbal stand, or by attaching it to a tom stand for a tom-cymbal combination.

The D-Bone fits any 12-mm post as well as other ddrum hardware. Using a combination of ddrum stands and boom arms, players can fit up to four different instruments.

ddrum’s Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm is $69 MAP.