New Toys: Baby Audio TAIP––Tape Recorder Emulation Plugin

TAIP is Baby Audio's new tape recorder emulation plugin; it uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm rather than
traditional DSP methods to recreate the seemingly random, mercurial sounds of an analog tape recorder. Wow and
flutter, distortion, noise, overdriven electronics, contorted frequency response shapes, tape compression are all characterized
and quantified and then made adjustable parameters on TAIP's resizable GUI.

The GUI TAIP has three different “skins” (shades) available and hypnotically spinning tape reels while your music is playing. There is the important wet/dry fader because this plugin should be inserted on the source track directly and not as a send/return plugin.

The Wear parameter combines wow, flutter and the effect of a miss-aligned tape deck. You should use Wear with Wet/Dry at 100% Wet—moving the fader towards Dry will produce a tape flanging effect.

Auto-Gain mode is a smart feature that will keep your output level somewhat the same when you bypass the plugin. On the input side are the Normal and Hot buttons for distorting the sound without affecting the Output level. 

Noise adds tape hiss/noise only while the track is playing (thank you), Drive pushes more level into the tape recorder to attain analog warmth or a grungy distortion you might like for loops or mid-range instruments and vocals. The subtle Presence control adjusts the typical loss of brilliance that affects tape recording when it (physically) wears out with each play. Glue is an emulation of a tape recorder's tendency to “melt” the frequencies together for a more cohesive sound. Glue will “jell” or blend everything together in a subtle way I like.

TAIP finishes with a choice of either a Single tape deck or Dual for two decks in series. Lo-Shape/Hi-Shape offers a way to saturate the high or low frequencies less/more than the rest of the frequencies. Different tape recorders saturate different brands of new tape stock differently, making certain machines more popular. Baby Audio TAIP Tape Recorder Emulation Plugin is an excellent plugin with so many great effects possible and sells for $69 MSRP.