New Music from The Summer Set

The Summer Set has released new music: their latest album titled Stories For Monday.

Finding success and then maintaining that success can be a jarring experience for musicians. It's one thing to finally have a song touted by radio, but another entirely to outshine the prior accomplishment with a great followup. Arizona natives The Summer Set almost met their end due to success. After achieving the much coveted attention of a mainstream audience with their third studio album Legendary--an album that gained them radio play, the top spot as Macy's 2013 Rising Stars and a feature in the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade--the band found themselves in a rut.

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While trying to overcome the pressure to outdo themselves, the quintet began questioning if they'd run their course as a band. The idea that they had found the end of the line for The Summer Set, and their decision to breakup ended up being the band's saving grace. Free from the constraints that choked their creativity, they were able to view their latest album for what it is, which is their best work yet. With this new mindset, the pop-rock group picked themselves back up, and no longer see this as a goodbye to The Summer Set, but rather a goodbye to the idea of what The Summer Set was supposed to be after the success they had found.

The group found some time to sit with Music Connection before their album release party at Genesis Bar in Hollywood where they talked about their decision to stay together, the recording process for Stories for Monday and their inspiration.

Text, photos and interview by Victoria Patneaude
Feature image, filming and video editing by Siri Svay