kathleen farless new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Kathleen Farless


A native of the Philippines, where she’s 
had success as a songwriter, Kathleen Farless' self-described “Broadway-meets-Coldplay” sound is a fair description of her work. An excellent technical singer with spot-on diction and phrasing, she brings a pronounced theatrical sweetness to her songs, such 
as “Masquerade,” whose crafty DNA is absolutely Broadway. (The song could really connect if she would only dare to reach for a golden high note at the song’s peak.)

Her duet with Trent Stroh is the personification of Disney wholesomeness, while “Dreams” with its unabashedly inspirational lyrics suggests Farless would be the perfect choice to craft a young person’s musical theater spectacle a la Frozen.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: kathleenfarless.com/epk.html
Seeking: Film/TV, Label, Distribution
Style: Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Kathleen Farless - "DREAMS"

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