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New Music Critiques: Ajia Clark


Oh so soothing and soulful is Ajia Clark, backed by a combo that brings expert support. While the jazzy, complex, syncopated “Soul Train” will impress the more discriminating listener, it is on her simpler pop/soul outings that Clark and her band really thrive, such as on the sultry “Ooo La La”––it oughta come packaged with a glass of red wine and a sexy lover. “He makes me feel so good,” Clark coos, and we believe her. Best of the bunch is “What Am I To Do,” which establishes an infectious groove and keeps on hitting it. Clark can seduce effortlessly; her next step vocally might be to venture out of her comfort zone and develop an ability to hit an occasional high note that will blow us away.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: steelysajia.wix.com/ajiaclark
Seeking: Label
Style: R&B, Soul, Jazz, Neo-Soul

Ajia Clark - "Ooo La La"

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