New Music Critique: Sarah Harralson  


Sarah Harralson  
Contact: [email protected]

Web: sarahharralson.com

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Country

From Knoxville, TN, artist Sarah Harralson’s recordings are strong on all levels, and her husky voice is a real force when needed.  On “Whiskey History” her vocal glides amid a low-key arrangement that includes a tasty mandolin and a pedal steel that is not just heard but truly felt. Terrific band on all accounts. “Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone” is a mid-tempo country-rocker whose organ part warms the room as it contributes to a comfy fabric of sound that seems to us like a hit single. That quality continues with “The Chance” where Harralson sings her advice to a friend about life’s limited opportunities to connect with the ones we love. Hats off to the producer, who has maintained an expert level of sound and arrangement.