New Music Critique: Sara Niemietz

Sara Niemietz    
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Film/TV, Label, Booking, Distribution
Style: Indie Pop/Rock

These excellently produced songs by Sara Niemietz are an intriguing showcase of the artist’s various dimensions. On the song “Locks” we’re intrigued by her deep, husky voice. And even though it’s far from her best vocal, the band and melodies are awesome, and the subtle effects, vocal whispers and doubling are deftly deployed. Next, the pulsing, thumping “I Want You” has a bluesy-rock vibe, with echoing production, dreamy backup vocals, and organ undercurrent. Her raspy lead vocals, especially, sound so good.  The artist shifts gears with the song “Words,” veering into darker, heavier territory, one that soon transforms into smoldering psychedelia, complete with thick, spaced-out guitar tone and chanting backup voices.