New Music Critique: Mayten


Seattle-based Mayten loves retro-vintage computer sounds and he weaves them frequently into the fabric (or techno tapestry, as it were) of his compositions. With musical skill he invests each theme with a deft hand for smooth transitions that occur almost without the listener noticing. “Hive” starts with a mood of mystery before gently morphing into something lighter and uplifting. It’s a balanced composition, subtly rendered. “Detours” has a similar aural footprint and uses one of the composer’s favorite “clickety-clack” sounds as a motif. “828” is bouncy and playful, with lots of “boops” and “beeps.” No, Mayten’s work does not deliver drama and dynamic impact, but it is consistently pleasing.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Booking, Distribution
Style: Ambient, Deep House