Kali Késo

New Music Critique: Kali Késo


We hear a complex of elements in Kali Késo’s music that makes us want to hear and know more. Augmented by cool percussive effects bathed in reverb, “Lil Biggie” has a spare, trap-like vibe but delivers so much more as it generates an infectious island-music flavor to support Késo’s mellow-husky-boyish voice. Led by hypnotic, inquisitive synth tones, “WWSD” showcases her rapping voice on a song with a message of independence. A group singalong and a male rapper augment the artist on “Miss Green,” a playfully sexy, seductive and presumably weed-fueled narrative. It’s a cool, catchy song that will likely inspire the listener to want to light up another joint from this artist.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: kalikeso.com
Seeking: Booking
Style: New Rap, Dance, Hip-Hop