Indiana Grace new music critique

New Music Critique: Indiana Grace


With just her voice and piano––no techy distractions––Zurich-based artist Indiana Grace offers soul-baring pop songs that plumb the chambers of the heart––her own. She has a story to tell and with her husky vocal resonance and weighty piano we are all ears, hanging on every word. She loses count of the number of times she’s cried, or the times she’s been in her lover’s arms. That’s “Lose Count,” which misses an opportunity to go big at the bridge. “Avalanche” employs the metaphor of a tumbling wave of snow to describe the simultaneous fear and delicious frisson of being carried away by a new love. The singer’s sincerity, her vulnerability, her hope comes through crisp and clear. Nice work.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: indiana-grace.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Distribution
Style: Soulful Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Indiana Grace - "Lose Count"

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