Four Star Riot

New Music Critique: Four Star Riot


A Florida-based foursome, Four Star Riot are a solid combo powered by tight, down- stroked guitar parts. Material is crafty, solid and familiar-sounding. “Slayed Pretender” has a distinct lean toward early 2000’s alternative rock/pop, with a group vocal effect subtly accented by piano. The crafty song builds to a decent finale that we feel could be even more rousing. The lead vocals switch to a Tom Petty vibe on the songs “Turn and Run” and “Oxygen.” The former generates a fun, beachy atmosphere while the latter is seasoned with retro keyboard and good harmonics. All in all, we get that FSR want to project a nice, welcoming vibe. But the quality of these recordings should project lots more vitality.

Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Film/TV, Publishing

Style: Indie Alternative Rock