Ebb & Flow

New Music Critique: Ebb & Flow


Ebb & Flow is fronted by Gabby Gordon and Morten Kier whose individual strengths are heightened when their voices blend. The band’s songs are fueled by decent hooks that give the pair every opportunity to shine, especially when they emote to each other. The slinky track and vivid lyrics of “Polaroids” is a good example of the group’s work and even allows Gabby to wail a bit. We only wish the hook were somehow catchier. “Touchstone” is a duet that allows the singers to testify to each other’s gratitude. Most unusual is “Edge of the World,” a dreamy, deep-space mood piece propelled by synthesizers and spiced up with finger snaps. Ebb & Flow is a confident, wholesome, theatrical sounding act.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: ebbandflow.band
Seeking: Booking, Publishing, Film/TV, Label
Style: Pop, Soulful, Electronic