The Delta Saints

New Music Critique: The Delta Saints

Musicianship 8

We love to hear a singer that’s distinctive, and the Delta Saints are blessed with such a weapon in Ben Ringel, whose vaguely androgynous vibe makes every recording worth a listen. For now, though, the band is handicapped by production and arrangement shortfalls that hamper their so-so tunes. “California,” “Sun God” and “Burning Wheels” all suffer from thin arrangements and the players’ apparent lack of recording- studio confidence. While Ringel shows impressive range and a consistently sexy swagger, his bandmates seem restrained, too in the background. We urge this rock squad to heed Ringel’s climactic howl on “Burning Wheels”––grow a pair, guys, step up and deliver!

Contact: [email protected]
Web: thedeltasaints.com
Seeking: Mgmt, Label, Distribution
Style: Rock & Roll

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