Net Toys: Eve Audio SC4070 Monitors

The new Eve Audio SC4070 studio monitor has four Class-D amplifiers inside and is designed and built in Berlin, Germany. At 23.62W x 10.24H x 12.6D-inches, each speaker weighs 39.7 pounds and is well-suited for mid-to-large size control rooms. The frequency range is specified as 32-Hz to 25-kHz and they will produce 116dB SPL using a combined power output of 1000-watts. Notable is the rotatable mid-range/tweeter section for correctly orienting the speakers for operating them either horizontally or standing vertically as we tested them here in our own small home/project studio.

Even though our control room is not acoustically treated with bass traps and diffusion panels, we got better than expected results with placing them right on the DAW desktop. Optimal distance is stated in the manual at 7 to 10-feet with the listening position at the 60-degree corner of the stereo triangle.

The backlit SMART knob on the front panel is used to adjust their sound to the size of the room, desktop location and using a sub-woofer in a stereo, 2.1, 5.1, or ATMOS system or not. On the back panel are switches to lock out all settings to prevent inadvertent changes—even if AC power is lost all settings are kept.

Each SC4070 monitor has two 6.5-inch low frequency drivers and a 4-inch fiberglass, honeycomb diaphragm woofer. Twin woofers allow for lower distortion and a tighter sound down to 32Hz. Eve Audio's folded ribbon tweeter is called the RS3.1 Air Motion Transformer and the main reason these monitors sound accurate, not harsh, and "flat" from the softest to the loudest volume level—particularly in the bass. 

Mixing music on the SC4070 monitors is a pleasure as I found that ear fatigue is not much of a problem anymore! Low frequencies are clear and kick drums and bass instruments are clearly defined without the need of a sub-woofer.

A worthwhile investment for any studio or home stereo system, a pair of Eve Audio SC4070 monitors sells for $4,999 MRSP.