Record your song with Nashville Studio Musicians

How It Works!

  • Send us an mp3 of your song(s). You can record just 1 song or up to 12 songs on one session!
  • Describe what style you envision. Rock, country, folk etc.
  • You can also reference mainstream artists.
  • You get one pre-production meeting to discuss the key, tempo and layout of the song.
  • You can book a session at any time with a minimum of 4 songs. Or join our next Monthly Session!

Tracking Date / Virtual Session; can be attended in person or participate with everyone in the session over Skype!

We send you, or our franchise partner the multi-track archive to overdub vocals and mix!

Celebrating 10 years in Los Angeles, Nashville Tracks is a full multimedia production house offering record production, music video production, artist development, marketing, consulting and online virtual management through www.myrecordlabel.com