Music Tech Works Launches rightsholder.io

Music Tech Works has launched rightsholder.io to transform synchronization (sync) licensing—finding the controlling publisher and label information. With over 60 million songs in its database, rightsholder.io streamlines the process of licensing for music for uses such as TV, film, video games, and advertising.

Jarett Hines, Bryson Nobles, photo credit: Todd Plitt

rightsholder.io gives a complete searchable picture for publishing and master recording ownership information, while combining enterprise-level features and consumer-level usability. In addition to ownership data, users can quickly identify past use data from shows, movies, and brands that have previously licensed a track as well as sample audio for each track in the database.

“Sync licensing is one of the most important areas of income for musicians and songwriters, and growing exponentially as digital video production increases, but unbelievably, the U.S. has never had one, consolidated database of rights information,” said Jarrett Hines, co-founder and CEO of Music Tech Works. “Solving this fundamental problem creates so much opportunity for the larger creative community, directly connecting those that want to use a track directly with the people that can license it.”

“People have been trying to create a viable solution to sync for decades, and we’ve hit a tipping point moment between tech development and industry demand. Through rightsholder.io, we’ve been able to aggregate trusted data sources, and pair that with a user interface that makes sense for how the industry actually works,” said Bryson A. Nobles, co-founder and CTO of Music Tech Works. “We’ve been able to apply all the lessons we’ve learned in our careers, especially from our work together to create the digital split sheet app SongSplits, and then as we developed the seeds of rightsholder.io as part of the Project Music Accelerator. The response from our beta users was very positive, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the wider community uses rightsholder.io.”

Said Tirrell D. Whittley, CEO of Liquid Soul, “Music Licensing innovation has been desperately needed as digital, social, and streaming content continues to explode. Rightsholder.io is a right-on-time solution that delivers quality data results and relative information to empower music supervisors, content producers, and others looking to manage music catalogs. Music Tech Works has done a great job of enhancing its solutions and maintaining data integrity. I’m happy to partner with Jarret, Bryon, and Collab Capital in this endeavor.”

Founded in 2019 and based in Atlanta, Music Tech Works is already being recognized for its innovative approach and growth potential. The company was chosen to join the 2019-2020 cohort of the Project Music Accelerator in Nashville, TN. In 2020 they were part of the Google For Startups Founders Academy, and in October 2020, was awarded capital from the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. The company finished up the year by closing a round of funding from Collab Capital, an early-stage investment fund focused on start-ups by Black founders. Collab Capital’s limited partners include hip hop artist Lecrae and Kapor Capital.

Visit rightsholder.io for more info.