GIK Acoustics PIB music gear review

Music Gear Review: GIK Acoustics PIB

GIK Acoustics' PIB or Portable Isolation Booth is a stylish and portable sound isolation booth made of 2-inch thick rigid fiberglass panels that absorb down to about 150Hz for a tighter sound with less room tone. I’m thinking great for vocalists, voiceover talent and recording acoustical instruments. The larger size surrounds a microphone more completely than the much smaller vocal shields. I also happen to think the PIB looks smart and can stay in place most of the time in the studio.

web-nov2016-music-gear-gik-acoustics-pib-vertThe Portable Isolation Booth will work in two basic configurations. Fully unfolded out, it is 6 1⁄2 feet tall and nearly 4-feet wide and makes it an awesome vocal screen that provides absorption coverage for a standing artist or musician.

Folded down to half-height at 4-feet tall and the same width, you have an excellent isolation screen for sitting musicians playing acoustic guitar, bongos, tablas or most hand percussion instruments. In this case the musician would play facing the PIB and get the same absorptive “field” surrounding the microphone.

The Portable Isolation Booth sells for $325 and is available in black fabric with blonde wood veneer. But they can be custom made using other GIK Acoustics fabric colors.


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