Microphone Academy

“Microphone Academy: Studio & Live” Adds Practical Miking Insights to AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio

Making its debut at this year’s AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio is a series of sessions offering focused insights into practical miking techniques and technology. The new “Microphone Academy: Studio & Live” events, taking place Friday and Saturday of AES@NAMM, are among the many educational and hands-on opportunities open to all registered attendees of AES@NAMM, being held concurrently with The NAMM Show in the NAMM U campus on the Anaheim Hilton’s 4th floor, Jan. 24 – 27 in Anaheim, CA.

On Friday, Jan. 25, Microphone Academy sessions will focus on issues dedicated to studio applications with topics including Ribbon, Virtual and VR Microphones, as well as a special presentation on Large Diaphragm Condensers. Such practical knowledge is given in the first session of the day, “Condenser Mics and Factors That Affect Their Sound” presented by Hans Riekehof of Schoeps. The investigation of microphone characteristics that impact mic sonic signature and use continues with the session “Why Ribbon Microphones Reproduce Sound So Naturally,” led by host John Jennings of Royer Labs. An overview of microphone modeling technology and the various available systems and how they compare will be presented in Friday afternoon’s “Is There a Modeling Microphone In Your Future?” session with presenters Julian David, Erik Papp and Chris Townsend of Townsend Labs. The day concludes with an examination of “Dynamic and Static Binaural Recording, Mixing and Reproduction for Immersive Audio” with Gio Jacuzzi, focusing on the Neumann KU100, AMBEO Smart Headset (developed in cooperation with Apogee) and the AMBEO VR Mic, with a drawing for AMBEO Smart Headset at session's end.

Saturday, Jan. 26’s sessions feature a variety of events involving Live Sound miking, including touring, live broadcast events and instrument-specific applications. Presentations will begin with leading live sound engineer Dave Rat in “Double Miking the World,” in which he will detail his work with top touring acts. Further application-specific mic technique will be the topic of “Miking Piano, Choir and Orchestra” with presenter Paul Andrews. Mark Frink, AES@NAMM Director of Program & Content, and Manager, Live Sound Content, will host two sessions – “Choosing the Right Vocal Mic,” featuring special guest experts from the live sound industry, and a final presentation, “Festival Input List and Stage Plot: Tech Rider Update,” in which Frink will expound on the importance of communicating your audio needs and expectations by creating a combined one-page input list and stage plot document which is the vital core of every audio technical contract rider.

“Microphone Academy: Studio & Live” events are open to all AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio attendees, with one-, two- and four-day advance registration options available through January 21st at aesatnamm.com.