METalliance Celebrates Nashville Blackbird Bonanza

The METalliance (Music Engineering and Technology Alliance) is celebrating another successful "In Session" weekend of live tracking and mixing January 28 & 29 in Nashville at Blackbird Studio. During the weekend, the seven METAlliance members interacted with a full house of eager attendees, young and old, from pros to beginners.

METalliance members in Nashville (L-R) George Massenburg, Niko Bolas, 
Elliot Scheiner, Chuck Ainlay, Jon Randall, Frank Filipetti, Sylvia Massy, 
and Jimmy Douglass.  Photo by Don Cherel.

Blackbird owner John McBride said, "I've always known to surround myself with great people. After two days with The METalliance I have never in my life been more inspired about making music. I learned more about the art of recording and mixing music than ever before with these living legends willing to share their wisdom, experience and humor with total honesty."

METalliance members Sylvia Massy and Niko Bolas recorded the “blood” harmonies of the Zmed Brothers and the striking songs of singer/songwriter Sonia Leigh with a full band with horns. Bolas commented, "After spending the weekend sneaking into the other classes, watching the METalliance work, I, again, realize how diverse and creative this art of engineering can be. Jimmy Douglass is an 'OG Beast' and Sylvia Massy captures performance like no one else, with tools like no one else -- genius hiding in a garden hose. Who knew?"

Says Sylvia Massy, "Our Nashville weekend was a cocktail of tasty music and innovative technology, blended with studio friends long-time and brand new -- all poured into the vibrant rooms of Blackbird. Can't wait to see y'all at the next METalliance celebration -- we'll have another f*ck-ton of fun!"