Memphis May Fire Show No Vices

There’s a reason why Memphis May Fire is a favorite in the “Warped Tour” scene, and they certainly proved it during their Nov. 15th show at Club Nokia in LA. With a set list consisting of songs spanning across three of their four albums-- The Hollow, Challenger and Unconditional-- the Texas natives commanded the attention of fans from the second they took the stage, demanding participation from their crowd and getting it. All the members of the post-hardcore group sizzle with a stage presence most bands hope to achieve, and no matter who fans find themselves drawn to most, they are undoubtedly going to find themselves entertained by the band’s performance level.

The most notable thing about Memphis May Fire and their performance is their ability to balance their religious faith and music in a way that doesn’t alienate fans who may not have the same views as they do. It doesn’t come off as them trying to shock and awe with religious fanaticism nor does it seem they find themselves to be above anyone who does not share the same faith, or a faith at all. They create a safe space for all walks of life to attend and make sure that all in attendance know that.

Now, when Memphis May Fire and Yellowcard announced a co-headlining tour, it had many scratching their heads, a fact that certainly didn’t go unmentioned by either band. However, there is something to be said about the blurring of genre lines that seems to be taking place amongst the rock/post-hardcore/pop-punk scene. Singer Matty Mullins noted that it didn’t matter who they toured with, because all the fans would be there to enjoy some rock, and he was correct. While it wouldn’t be the first lineup connection most fans would make, it worked out and made for one hell of a show.

Words and Photos by Victoria Patneaude

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