Matt and Kim at St. Augustine Amphitheater in St. Augustine, FL

Matt and Kim, a fun, indie, upbeat duo from Brooklyn, brought the heat and party to a cool Feb. 15 evening in St. Augustine, FL. Fans crowded the Backyard Stage at the St. Augustine Amphitheater eager to see the outrageous musical couple who hadn’t played Florida in a number of years. Confetti and blow up dolls soared through the air mixing into a colorful fog above everyone’s head. Bodies moved across the pit as crowd surfers and others took part in moshing.

If you didn’t already know your neighbor you definitely did by the end of the show. Everyone danced while singing their heart out to songs like, “Hey Now,” “Like I Use To Be” and “Let’s Go.” Matt and Kim had songs for every fan singing hits from different albums such as New Glow, Lightning and their newest album Almost Everyday, released on May 4. Parents brought their children, holding them high on their shoulders for the best view and chance to catch one of the few shirts Matt threw into the audience. Couples and friends danced together, linked with arms resting around shoulders. Even the event and venue staff couldn't help but to smile and move their head to the beat. How do you stand still at a Matt and Kim concert? Oh, YOU DON'T. Matt and Kim will be hitting Florida again at the end of April for Sand Jam Fest in Panama City Beach. Get your tickets now so you don't miss the party! For more, visit