Livestream Review: Petty Chavez

Livestream Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: pettychavezmusic.com

Players: Celia Chavez, vocals, guitar, percussion; Simon Petty, vocals, guitars

Material: In their latest livestream, Celia Chavez and Simon Petty gave a masterclass in professional performance, focusing mainly on unreleased material from their upcoming album, One Last Look at The Stars. From the symbiotic vocal duets and delicious harmonies on “Ties That Bind,” to the delightful guitar lines on the new single “Lucky At Cards” and Petty’s baritone playing and the Celtic lilt and ancient feel on “Valley of The Kings” and “Lazarus,” the duo appeared exquisitely matched in both energy and sound.

Musicianship: With many years of professional performance behind them in other groups, both individually and together, an obvious mutual respect and appreciation adds to Petty Chavez’s gentle precision, with each note as tasteful and deliberate as the next. Chavez’s vocal command is stunning, while her subtle confidence leaves you intoxicated. Petty’s skills are superb and his beautiful guitar solos throughout the show displayed a seemingly innate ability to highlight Chavez’s vocal riffs without overpowering them––a wonderfully matched pair.

Performance: The show opener, “Catalina,” delivered gentle vocals and delicate harmonies, showcasing the duo’s elegant blend of voices and solid guitar playing. Gorgeous vocal combinations and intoxicating harmonized lyricism were inserted throughout the show. Chavez is truly gifted, as evidenced in her incredibly bright and upbeat vocal expressions in “Hello Sunshine.” Her seamless vocal leaps and eloquent flow of sound ranged from a folk-country feel in “Heartbroke Joke,” with lilting melody, backing harmonies, synchronized guitar strumming from Petty, to the more contemporary feel of “Midnight Blues” and “Ties That Bind,” all demonstrating impeccable musical timing.

Summary: The chemistry between Chavez and Petty is undeniable, and few duos possess the talent and skill to maintain such an extraordinary level and equal ebb and flow of expressive exchange. In performance, the duo appears simultaneously polished and relaxed, masterful yet unassuming, with an energy that draws listeners in, allowing them to witness a consistently magical unfolding of heartfelt, effortless, and natural musicianship. Truly breathtaking.