Livestream Review: Kerry Patrick Clark

Web: KerryPatrickClark.com

Contact: [email protected]

Material: Kerry Patrick Clark is a singer-songwriter reminiscent of John Denver, Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin. The songs are super-delicious, with delightful hooks and wonderful lyrics that warm the heart like mom’s apple pie. Tunes such as “Simple Man,” “I Hope You Dance” and “Brighton Boulevard” are introspective, well-written, beautiful songs that make you lick your lips to scrumptious melodies and make you think about yourself and your chosen direction in life. (They also make you think about BBQ’d chicken wings, but that’s another story for another day.)

Musicianship: Clark is a superb guitar player. As his fingers fly up and down the fretboard, he sings about how to make your matrimonial relationship last forever. His vocals are compelling, as well; sometimes rough and gritty and sometimes smooth and silky, but always hitting the right note at the right time. All the songs showcase Clark’s vocals, but his voice really comes through in “In A Perfect World” as he croons about an imperfect world that really isn’t so bad.

Performance: Excellent rapport with his audience, along with great storytelling, made this a very fun show to watch. Clark is extremely likable and he transcends the typical singer-songwriter persona as he gives the listener a taste of religious ting and serves it up alongside all the wonderful songs. “Chase Love” carries the audience on a religious ride that, although a bit uncomfortable at first, makes more sense as the song develops.

Summary: All the songs are great! Most are laden with juicy pieces of music, or with deep, hopeful, heart-tugging lyrics. Fun songs like “Time” and an even more fun song, “Witch Doctor,” change the mood to a more playful frame of mind as Clark sets off on a sensory journey that ends up soothing the soul and healing the mind and spirit. He then changes the mood again to a more hopeful theme and then back to being “a better person” and then to a godly perspective. Kerry Patrick Clark is an artist who keeps you off balance and lands with joyful, charismatic and captivating tunes (like “I’m a Quilt”) that take your breath away. Check out his latest album, What a Show. You will not be disappointed.