Live Reviews - Glitter Rose at the House of Blues


Material: Imagine Joan Jett replacing Bon Jovi during his Young Guns phase. Glitter Rose is a contemporary rock/country hybrid that should appeal to fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Paramore alike. She excels at writing a strong hook. “Kody Was A Killer” is a good illustration of not only that but a strong use of descriptors and character development: “He shot the boy five times/Modern day outlaw/They came along to take his life/His blood dripping in the gutter/He just had a daughter/But Kody was a Killer!”

Musicianship: Hoffman segues between songs to keep up the pace of the show and Rob K incorporates a funky bass solo as Glitter Rose switches things up with her acoustic-electric guitar. Hoffman, too, mixes up the set for rawhide beats with mallets, shakers and sticks. Rose does a solo for “Kody Was A Killer,” surprisingly the only one that really stands out in the set. Her strengths lie in her chunky rhythm guitar breakdowns and ability to work the stage like a rock star.

Rob K and Hoffman really get showcased on “Sleep Only Wants Me In The Sunlight.”  Hoffman’s style is a good match for the grunge rock tone Glitter Rose imparted, thanks to her Orange amp. Along with her original tunes, she covers “Oh! Darlin’” by the Beatles as well as “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix where she channels a bit of Tia Carrere in Wayne’s World with an excellent Mitch Mitchell simulation by Hoffman.

Performance: Glitter Rose has a fun squeal and growl on songs like “Superstar Pop Twin.” While there is ample space in the compositions for accentuating the lyric hooks, the songs could use more room for instrumentals to add a little more kick to the high energy of the performance.

Rob K and Rose do a good job of delivering an active stage presence, interacting with each other throughout the show. Glitter Rose is a consummate pro and thanks her audience, crew, venue and sponsors.

Summary: This flexible style of music could be easily adapted to acoustic and arena settings. Glitter Rose is currently endorsed by an impressive list of sponsors that are proof positive she knows what makes for good sound. Her strong songwriting capabilities have led to film placements. Most recently she penned the title track for the feature film American Girl– Brooke Trout

Web: http://glitterrose.com