Live Review: The Vindys

The Hotel Café  Hollywood, CA

Web: thevindys.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Jackie Popovec, guitar, vocals; John Anthony, guitar, vocals; Rick Deak, guitar, vocals; Nathan Anthony, keyboard; Bredan Burke, bass; Owen Davis, drums; Kyle O’Donnell, trumpet; Brian Mayle, trombone; Tim Harker, sax

Material: The Vindys is a straight-forward, in-your-face, rock & roll outfit with a few twists and turns. Equipped with a horn section, they came out swingin’ for the fences and were hitting home runs all night long. Rock & roll in the style of Led Zeppelin with two solid guitars leading the way for Popovec to cut through the chaos with superb vocals. A little bit country, a little bit reggae and a lot of rock & roll will brighten up anyone’s day.

Musicianship: When nine, Grade AAA musicians are put together in one room, only one thing can happen—fantastic music! The opening tune, “Are You Ready,” was a stunner from start to finish. The chemistry of rhythm section Burke, Nathan Anthony, Deak and Davis was exceptional, to say the least, and proved to be the perfect drawing board for Popovec and the rest of the crew to illustrate  their creative abilities.
   Popovec’s voice is so strong and on cue, you would think you were listening to a young Ann Wilson of Heart. Then the horns took over and it was a one upmanship that couldn’t be beat. For icing on the cake, John Anthony played a superb, blistering solo that blew everyone away. 

Performance: Super-fun performance. It was so overly crowded on the stage, but that just seemed to add to the excitement. The horns were very playful at one end and Popovec and the rhythm section were more serious on the other. That seemed to balance everything out just perfectly. 

Summary: Hailing from Youngstown, OH, The Vindys are a class act not to be missed. Great rock & roll tunes like “Don’t Tell Me, Just Love Me,” “Judas” and “Bugs,” balanced with the reggae inspired “Red Wine” and the ballad “All and Everything.” The Vindys give you an exceptional collection of songs. With three albums to their credit (Red Wine, Keep Going and the newly released Bugs), the Vindys have everything going for them: a super-powerful voice, a searing guitar and a fantastic rhythm section topped with a horn section. Rock & roll at its finest.