Live Review: Nine Mile Station

Nine Mile Station

The Hotel Cafe  Hollywood, CA


Contact: [email protected]

Players: Will Hawkins, guitar, vocals; Fernando Perdomo, guitar; Brendon Vasquez, bass; Nick Moran, drums

Material: Nine Mile Station is a rockin’ Americana/country music band like no other. They came out firing from the hip and didn’t miss a beat. The music is extremely well crafted, put together with care and attention to detail, both musically and lyrically. Each tune told a story that you could visualize as the song was being played. Imagine, if you will, Americana music, beautifully performed on acoustic guitar, and then someone lights a can of rocket fuel and sets off the rock & roll. Energy plus well-written tunes equals a superb show.

Musicianship: Perdomo was on fire. His electric guitar matched his suit, which matched his play, which was red hot! Everyone fed off of his energy. Hawkins is a great frontman with an incomparable stage presence. Extremely good vocals and likable personality, he gave the audience something to love. Vasquez was in his own little world, singing along to all the songs without a mic. His bass playing was on cue and, together with Moran on drums, the rhythm section was superb.

Performance: Energy. Energy. Energy. Nine Mile Station came with a full load and they delivered it. Antics offstage during some of the songs had the audience captivated as to what was coming next. Great musicianship just added to the excitement and everything went off without a hitch.

Summary: If you like honest, heartfelt Americana songs that are soul-shaking and rock you to the core, you’ll love Nine Mile Station. Songs like “California,” “Never Hit The Ground” and “Who You Love” will have you dancing in your seats, while “Falling To The Sea” and “Santa Ana Winds” will have you crying in your beer. Look for Nine Mile Station’s debut album coming out on May 23, 2022, titled Open Highways, and you don’t want to miss their next show.