Live Review: Moonwalker

The Moroccan Lounge   Los Angeles, CA 

Web: listentomoonwalker.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Harry Springer, vocals, guitar; Alicia Vigil, bass; Joan Daewin, drums

Material: Moonwalker is Guns N' Roses meets Led Zeppelin—who have dinner with Deep Purple. The music is loud, hard and in your face. They are reminiscent of the older jam bands of the ‘70s and ‘80s and have that spark to make it happen. Although they didn’t “jam it up” too much, the potential for it was there. The songs have a hard rock foundation, in the style of Zeppelin; A progressive rock layer on top of that, as with Deep Purple; and a raspy, colorful vocal frosting to finish things off.

Musicianship: The musicianship was excellent. Vigil was on point all night and she knew it. She stroked the audience in every which way while she grooved to every beat. Together with Daewin, they had the audience eating out of their hands as they laid down some incredible backdrops for Springer to paint on. One of the best rhythm sections of late. 

Performance: It started out flat, but slowly built its way up and ended in great fashion. Springer is a prodigious frontman and really knows how to handle a crowd. He made the “show” happen and he had the right crew to help him achieve it. Great drumming, great bass play and a great frontman make for an entertaining show. 

Summary: Moonwalker is edgy and fun and they’re ready to Rock out at any time. They are extremely fun to watch and the music is strong and tasteful (just not for everyone). Tunes like the bass/drum-driven “Doombox” and the Guns N' Roses-sounding “Disturbed Suburbia” will have you grooving in your seat and stomping the ground you’re standing on. “Tear Down the Wall” will take you back to the Led Zep days of yesteryear, and Springer will keep you there. “Turn Off This Song” will funk you out and the breakdown will make you sigh and say, “This is very cool!” Moonwalker brought the jams all the way from New York City and didn’t disappoint. Check them out now! – Pierce Brochetti