Live Review: MMeadows

The Lodge Room  Los Angeles CA

Web: mmeadowsband.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Kristin Slipp, vocals, keyboard, percussion; Cole Kamen-Green, EVI, trumpet, keys

Material: MMeadows is a duo playing what sounded like electronic music meets pop but without the thundering beats from the drum machine. The tunes are eerie and creepy, but melodic and tasteful at the same time. The songs resemble a toned-down version of techno/electronic, mixed with refined vocals that add a bit of depth to the music. 

Musicianship: The musicianship is pretty good. Green is a multi-instrumentalist who is like a kid in a candy shop, trying all the goodies in the store. EVI, trumpet, keyboards and percussion were all played by Green in a jazzy light, and he laid down the groundwork to most all the songs. Slipp has a very good voice. Her range is phenomenal, as she shows it off on “Friendship.” She went from standard voice to a super-high falsetto that really seemed unreal and left the crowd with gaping mouths. 

Performance: The performance was okay. Good audience acknowledgement kept things interesting. Slipp kept things light and airy with jokes and stories as she related to the audience stories of how MMeadows ended up where they’re at and how the new album came to be. 

Summary: MMeadows is a wanna-be techno/electronic duo with extremely strong vocals. Slipp sounds like a young Selena Gomez in voicing and style and is trying to use techno as a way to combine the two genres (not a bad thing). Green has worked with the likes of Beyoncé and Lorde and continues to be the musical force behind MMeadows. Light Moves Around You dropped on Feb. 3, with 10 brand-new tunes you can check out. – Pierce Brochetti