Live Review: Joshua Dylan Balis @ Harvard and Stone, Hollywood

Material: Joshua Dylan Balis’ genre is country music with tinges of Americana and rock & roll slathered all over it and in all the right places. The music is extremely uplifting and lively with colorful lyrics that guide you through a story as the song progresses. Beautifully written tunes with catchy hooks captivate and encourage as even the ballads have a sort of happy vibe to them, as if saying, “Everything will be alright.”

Musicianship: Excellent players all around. Rich in stage presence, Balis and his crew played confidently and effortlessly as they gained popularity with each song. A great, sultry voice emanating from Balis had all the girls chit-chatting behind the scene. So solid was the rhythm section, composed of DiSilva and Gaines, that Fody and Balis glided through each song with grace as they put finishing touches on each tune.

Performance: Small and mighty was the stage, but so was Joshua Dylan Balis’ performance. Not much room to move about but these guys were so into the music, they just drew the crowd in as everyone tapped their toes to the tunes.

Summary: Wow! These guys are representing from all over the country: Balis from Dallas, TX, DiSilva from Miami, FL, Gaines from Nashville, TN and Fody from Topeka, KS. They all came together beautifully as they rose up for us in Los Angeles, CA. Songs like “Stories” and “I See Myself” will have you dancing in the aisles, while “Grandmother” and “Silver Linings” will make you grateful for your family and hopeful of good things to come. Check out Joshua Dylan Balis at all your local music outlets.

Web: JoshuaBalis.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Joshua Dylan Balis, rhythm guitar, vocals; Isaac DiSilva, drums; Reed Gaines, bass; Haven Cody, lead guitar