hollow fortyfives

Live Review: Hollow Fortyfives at The Offbeat Bar - A Bar on York in Los Angeles, CA

Material: The three members of Hollow Fortyfives have achieved an organic rapport, a natural chemistry comprising two brother-in-laws and a childhood friend. Lucas Renberg, Brett Incardone and Travis Corsaut have transposed the relics of their shared life experiences into a brand new album of alternative rock, post-punk revival and retrospective garage rock called Strange Times. Their recently released single, “Gemini,” evokes comparisons to some of the early recordings by The White Stripes.

Musicianship: Hollow Fortyfives rotate lead vocal responsibilities. Lucas Renberg (guitarist) and Brett Incardone (bassist) sing with a raw tonality that is very reminiscent of blues-rock singers such as Mick Jagger and Jack White, while the tunefulness of Travis Corsaut (drummer) resonates like a voice coming out of Jack Black from Tenacious D. Hollow Fortyfives collectively decide who will sing lead for each song, based on who the songwriter is. Hence, Renberg’s voice is featured more than his two bandmates.

Performance: Renberg, Incardone and Corsaut calmly improvised an entire show without a predetermined set list. Initially, their nonchalant approach resembled a band rehearsal. Nevertheless, their professional execution and harmonious artistry blended  well with the carefree ambience of The Offbeat Bar. The most noteworthy moment of the night came when Renberg and Incardone swapped instruments and lead vocal duties for “Garbage Can,” an original garage-punk song with many of the components featured in “Hate to Say I Told You So” by The Hives.

Summary: Hollow Fortyfives played nine songs with joy and raw enthusiasm. But in order for them to diversify their future shows, they might want to add a little bit of vulnerability to their edge. Emotional elements such as seriousness, pain and sincerity can only enhance their brand of garage rock.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: hollowfortyfives.com
The Players: Lucas Renberg, vocals, guitar; Brett Incardone, vocals, bass; Travis Corsaut, vocals, drums