Live Review: Fia Nyxx

Fia Nyxx

The Black Rose  Los Angeles, CA

Web: fianyxx.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Fia Nyxx, vocals; Nick Sampson drums; Adrian Seely, bass; Alex Palazzo, guitar

Material: Fia Nyxx is a mix of pop, soul and hip-hop, all wrapped up in a nice little R&B package. The package is then sprinkled with bits ‘o jazz ‘n’ blues and finally, unwrapped onstage, to the delight of her fans. Tunes like “Don’t Shame Me,” “AEIOU” and “I Still Love You” started out the set in a very “catwalk” style, drenching everyone in Etta James, Britney Spears and Celine Dion style pop tunes, respectively. Each song was so different in style from the previous one, it was a welcomed shock to the senses.

Musicianship: The musicians are solid on all grounds. They keep the music flowing and in great fashion. Nyxx has great vocals and she’s not afraid to use her pipes any way she can. Solid and strong in-your-face vocals mesmerize her fans into submission as Nyxx sings her way into their hearts.

Performance: Reminiscent of the models in New York, an intro of sorts, “Red Umbrella,” was to be the beginning of everyone just letting it all hang out. Superb performers, Nyxx and her crew kept you riveted throughout the concert, making you wonder what was yet to come. The choreography was great; sultry, erotic and sexy dance moves ruled the evening; the great backing band was the icing on the cake.

Summary: Fia Nyxx's first album, Everything Girl, was marked by top-notch producers and musicians who have worked with the likes of Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Jackson, Bobby Blue Bland, Queen, Madonna and the list goes on. The artist’s latest album, Red Umbrella, debuted in March.