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Live Review: Disciples of Babylon at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA

Material: Disciples of Babylon made a strong statement with a lone EP in 2015. Within three songs, we get a taste of frontman Eric Knight’s vocal versatility as well as the quartet’s ability to string the EP together with their instrumentation and lyrics.

Their mid-tempo anthem ”The Great Pretend” introduces the listener to a familiar blend of classic and modern rock elements a la Muse, Foo Fighters and Queen.

Musicianship: Each member of the band commands attention without the need to hog the spotlight. Knight’s vocal artistry has a structured chaos feel where he can easily go from a haunting whisper to an operatic rockstar persona in a few notes.

Drummer Chris Toeller and lead guitarist Roman Blanco hypnotize you with their technique while bassist Gui Bodi adds depth with his backing vocals and musical execution. In the end, they form a natural partnership that very few local bands can match.

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Performance: Disciples of Babylon were completely at home at The Viper Room. Their pure hard rock, arena grunge sound, paired with mesmerizingly cohesive band energy, made their performance so natural that you felt like you were a part of the family.

The set delivered versatility, with clean transitions from faster paced tracks to mid- tempo/slow. They also introduced the audience to brand new songs, creating their own spin on Royal Blood’s “Little Monster,” and entranced their crowd with an impressive rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

Charismatic vocals from Knight, strong four- part harmonies and high energy from the entire band brought the music to life, which made for a thrilling rock show.

Summary: Having already opened up for some of the biggest rock acts in the world (KISS, Aerosmith, The Dave Matthews Band) and having performed at many large music festivals (Van’s Warped Tour), the Disciples of Babylon are a tight, professional unit. They have the perfect combination of theatrics and humility to win over unsuspecting audiences and encourage fans to stick around.

The Players: Eric Knight, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Ramon Blanco, lead guitar; Gui Bodi, bass, backing vocals; Chris Toeller, drums.

Photo by Heather Allen

Venue: The Viper Room
West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: disciplesofbabylon.com

Disciples of Babylon - "Karma"

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