Levy Restaurants and Musically Fed Team Up to Provide Over 22,000 Meals

Despite the panic and chaos surrounding COVID-19, compassion initiatives prevailed in Los Angeles & Phoenix. Chiefly, the Staples Center as responsible civic partners understandably closed its doors in support of social distancing serving the community’s interest. Due to event cancelations, an abundance of food would otherwise go to waste. Luckily, the Grammys served as a template for the partnership forged between Staples Center’s Lead Chef, Manny of Levy Restaurants, and Musically Fed resulting in 1600 meals provided to those in need. Chef Manny and Musically Fed again combined efforts to assist vulnerable community members who may be otherwise overlooked in the wake of the coronavirus.

“Chef Manny, Musically Fed’s valued friend & partner, reached out to see about again mobilizing & distributing the venue’s no longer needed food,” commented Musically Fed’s CEO, Maria Brunner. “Mitch Katz, Jason Bernstein & I are so proud of what Manny & his crew pulled off; over 7000 pounds (12 pallets) of food was sorted, packed and transported (in the rain) to Midnight Mission and the LA Rescue Mission by Chef Manny and his team. Their hard work and caring ensures approximately 22,000 meals will be served to those in need over the course of the next two weeks.”

"Thank you to Musically Fed for organizing this generous food donation from Levy Restaurants and Staples Center during this uncertain time. We are grateful for all our supporters," said Midnight Mission’s Andrew Linares. Midnight Mission serves 500-1000 people per day.

Musically Fed, rooted in Phoenix has made a meaningful impact feeding homeless and veterans. Over for the last 5 years they have distributed thousands of pounds of food, resulting in tens of thousands of meals for the hungry. As a consequence of COVID-19, in the last few days, nearly 1000 meals will be served at Resurrection Ministry, Faith House and The MANA House, thanks in large part to Talking Stick Arena, Levy Restaurants & AZ Catering. Former AZ Catering owner and Musically Fed Board Member, Mitch Katz, brought his valuable experience, knowledge and contacts to bring these amazing contributions to fruition.

“Catholic Charities services to vulnerable populations is enhanced by partnering with groups like Musically Fed,” said Tami Bohannon, VP of Philanthropy, Catholic Charities Community Services. “The amazing food provided to MANA House residents is a treat for our veterans and helps stretch our budget. We are thankful to all parties for their generosity and leadership ensuring that food isn’t wasted and the hungry are fed.”

“Collaborating with Musically Fed, Resurrection Ministry provided over 800 nutritional meals to Veteran Homes, Veteran Service Organizations, Seniors in Crisis, a Women’s Shelter Home and Homeless Individuals in need,” said, Bill Berry of Resurrection Ministry. “We look forward to working with Musically Fed to continue to help our community and broaden our friendships.”

COVID-19 presents both new challenges and opportunities. Social distancing and quarantine protocols understandably impact vulnerable members more acutely. Those looking to distribute excess food can contact Musically Fed for assistance with logistics in getting items to those in great need. Please contact Musically Fed at [email protected] or 480-951-1882.

To Donate to Musically Fed: www.musicallyfed.org