Layering Magic! Andy Narell & Steel Pans

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Every once in a while, a new virtual instrument comes along that captures its subject so well, it becomes the new benchmark. Such is the case with Andy Narell Steel Pans — The Ellie Mannette Collection. Watch steel pan master Andy Narell as he layers the Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection with Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Keyscape to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

Throughout the video, you will hear the beautiful, intricate melodies and rhythms that only Andy Narell can create, brought to life by the incredible range of sounds available in Omnisphere and Keyscape. From warm and mellow tones to crisp and bright accents, each layer adds a new dimension to the music, showcasing the incredible versatility of these instruments.