Kimbrough Taps DPA Mics for Live Recording

Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician and Mixing Engineer Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough is no stranger to the production of gospel music, having worked alongside worship artists such as Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark-Cole and Byron Cage. His most recent project involved American gospel musician Todd Dulaney’s newest album, “The Journey Continues,” which was recorded live at Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois. Producing a live album always presents its own challenges, and Kimbrough’s aim, whether recording in studio or live, is to capture voice and instrumental audio as naturally as possible. Starting with an authentic sound source is often key to producing a clean and natural recording.   

For Kimbrough, this meant calling on several solutions from DPA Microphones, including the 4099D Instrument Mics and 2011C Twin Diaphragm Mics, as well as the brand’s new 4055 Kick Drum Microphone. “The first thing I noticed about DPA mics was how they translated the source,” Kimbrough explains. “The recordings sound as natural and unprocessed as possible. After the lead vocals, the drums are probably the biggest focus of any recording. You really want to hear that beat. What makes a drum stick out is the quality of the recording. DPA has never let me down when it comes to a great recording, and this project was no exception; everything turned out crazy good with the DPAs.” Supplied by Chicago-based professional AV production company, Sven Pro, the majority of the DPA solutions were used for Dulaney’s drum kit ― such as the 4099s on snare and toms.

“What I like about the 4099s is the transparency; they remind me of a classic mic, but without the color,” Kimbrough adds. “They’re one of the best mics we’ve ever used on snare and toms. I love that you can hear every ghost note on the snare. The mics pick up all the frequencies right where the meat of the snare lives, around 350-450 Hz. With most other mics, we would have to bump the frequency to feel and hear that, but that’s not necessary with the 4099s.”
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Todd Dulaney performs live at Calvary Church for the recording of his album“The Journey Continues.”