Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and More at The Smoker's Club Festival

It was definitely a day and night celebration to remember, people from all walks of life gathered to enjoy life and music. As the hot sun was beaming down on crowd goers, nothing but anticipation and hype was felt throughout the pavilion. On Saturday April 30th, the Smokers Club Festival blew up at the Glen Helen pavilion in San Bernardino. Taking place on a much larger scale this time around, attendees traveled locally and nationally to chill and relax for the weekend. Between the two stages, headlining performances came from Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Schoolboy Q, Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky and many more artist performing at the other two stages.

Schoolboy Q


Due to the large amount of memorable moments throughout the day it’s hard to choose which ones stood out the most. Asap Rocky, who by the way had Rihanna by his corner supporting him through out his set, Wiz Khalifa representing his crew Taylor Gang, LA’s very own Schoolboy Q, Kid Cudi showing off his new look and Playboy Carti starting mosh pits amongst crowd, concert goers helped me forget about the long hours and just focus on having a good time. Asap Rocky and Playboi Carti has become one of my top rap artists out there at the moment and seeing them live only boosted that even more. Both have such a stage presence that radiates off the whole arena.

Playboi Carti

A$AP Rocky

Hitting the main stage was LA’s very own Schoolboy Q who ran up with so much hype and enthusiasm you could hear the roar in crowds voice. Performing hits such as “Crash” and “By any Means” he definitely left an everlasting impression that day. Taylor Gangs Wiz Khalifa had such a carefree attitude and lives for performing that he woke up the crowd who were restless waiting for his stage presence. Wiz definitely gave the crowd what they were looking for with songs such as “Iced out Necklace” and “Roll up” to leave the audience in a good mood. Playboi Carti stage presence is so dynamic, many people knocked over a rails and trampled security guards just to see Carti perform. Carti performance was cut short due to safety concerns.
It took around 45 minute until Asap Rocky walked on stage. Many people become restless and fatigue due to waiting so long. But as soon as Rocky hit the stage the crowd was going wild. Performing bangers such as “The God Hour” and “Peso”, Asap left an undeniable mark at the Smokers Club. Crowd goers who are fans of Asap Rocky and Rhianna, two powers making headlines in todays news, was able to see Rhianna rooting for her man and vibing to his music. Lastly Kid Cudi hit the stage, his presence stood out the most. Wearing a kilt and sporting long blonde hair. Cudi made his presence known that this is who he his now. A different look from what he had a couple years ago. Nonetheless Cudi did deliver and created a shock wave amongst crowd performing songs like “Stars in the Sky” and his classic joint “Day N Nite”. Kid Cudi made it known that he’s here to stay and isn’t going anywhere.
Most certainly I had a great time at The Smokers club, besides all the walking it was worth the wait to see all my favorite artist perform all their hit songs. If your looking to meet good people and eat great food, this festival is one to go to.  Looking forward to next years event.

Kid Cudi