Signing Story: Lily Kershaw--How She Signed With Nettwerk

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Lily Kershaw refused to make any rash decisions after two break-through songs appeared on the 2012/2013 season finales of TV’s Criminal Minds. The Los Angeles songstress was suddenly fielding calls from label reps––fortunately, her passion for music did not succumb to the tempting promises and illusions of instant fame and fortune. After learning that Nettwerk Music Group would allow her total artistic authority (no strings attached), Kershaw was finally sold.

Thankfully, Kershaw had loyal family support and took the wise advice from “business” friends and associates as these record label offers quickly starting pouring in about two years ago.

“Nicki Loranger and Amanda Witman [of Vector Management] were always cool with what I wanted to do,” she explains. “[They] encouraged me to continue what I always loved doing. But it’s interesting being a young woman in the industry––you have to learn to protect your image and work.”
Kershaw learned that artistic support and communication between musician and label were of utmost importance. “The label’s business model is super interesting,” she says. “And the people have so much passion and are generally happy with the work they’re doing. [Fields] told me, ‘This is what you want to be, and this is who you want to be doing it with.’”

The Nettwerk Music Group was founded by Terry McBride, Mark Jowett, Ric Arboit and Dan Fraser in 1984. The label has helped launch careers of prominent musicians including Sarah McLachlan and Coldplay.
The terms of Kershaw’s signing are simple: profits split 50/50 between label and artist. She gets total artistic control, sticking true to Nettwerk’s proud motto, “We release music that we love.” Kershaw will soon embark on a full tour (her first) in support of the new album.

“I don’t feel scared; I feel excited,” states Kershaw. “Focusing on my music and work without having to really worry, it’s a great feeling.”

Lily Kershaw’s debut album, Midnight in the Garden, will be released Sept. 24th.

–Danica Bellini