Jonathan Clay Launches Creator-Growth Platform: Crowdmouth

Creator-growth platform Crowdmouth announced its official launch. Co-founded by Jonathan Clay (principal member of Jamestown Revival) and artist manager Aston Teague, Crowdmouth is a word-of-mouth platform that empowers creators and connects them with their fans in a  simple, powerful, and impactful way.

Fans share content from their favorite creators in exchange for points, then redeem those points for personal, unique rewards offered directly from the Creator. It’s sharp, easy to set up, and incredibly user-friendly.  Developed as a universal tool for Creators of all types, this social media plug-in is currently available for iOS and Android.

“I’ve been creating music and building a direct relationship with my fan base for over a decade, stated co-founder Jonathan Clay. "Over the years we’ve tried various platforms, homespun campaigns, and other marketing tools in an attempt to activate and grow our base. For us, it’s all about gaining exposure to new audiences while being smart about how we spend our modest marketing dollars. Crowdmouth was built out of the desire to give Creators like ourselves a better alternative to traditional advertising, while also identifying and connecting with our best fans. It is the tool that I wish we would have had years ago.”

(Credit: Caster Studios) Left to right: Jonathan Clay, Aston Teague, Donnie Gerault

Crowdmouth completed an early-stage fundraising round of $750K in March 2021 and is looking to begin the first equity round at the end of Q3 2021. The company named Robb McDaniels as Chairman of the start-up’s Board of Directors in April. McDaniels is a media and technology entrepreneur, investor, and current CEO of Beatport. He is advising the company on all things strategy, fundraising, and strategic partnerships.

Other key advisers to Crowdmouth include Maria Ho-Burge (TuneCore/Believe), Tom Gimbel (Austin City Limits), Pieter van Rijn (FUGA), Matt Pelling (Loopmasters) and artist manager Marc Friedenberg.

Crowdmouth is currently accepting content creators at Crowdmouth.com.