Third Eye Blind

Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind bring Summer Gods tour to Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Third Eye Blind and Jimmy World opened up their “Summer Gods” tour at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, and the show was full of essential 90s/00s songs.

With the exception of Jimmy Eat World’s first album, the group has had the same lineup of Jim Adkins (Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals), Tom Linton

(Rhythm Guitar), Rick Burch (Bass), and Zach Lind (Drums). 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Jimmy Eat World’s debut album. Since then, the group had one platinum selling album, one gold-selling album and their highest charting album was number five on the Billboard 200.

 Jimmy Eat World played a 14 song set, opening with “Pain” and ending with their biggest hits like“The Middle.”  Their set was full of hits like “Work,” “Sweetness,” and “Big Casino.” Although it’s been three years since their last release, they had plenty of great songs from their nine studio albums to choose from. It was definitely a sing-along show between the two groups. As Jimmy Eat World’s set ended, nightfall began and Third Eye Blind hit the stage.

Third Eye Blind front-man Stephan Jenkins told the audience they usually wait until a few shows in to play the Greek Theatre so they have a few performances in, but this time around decided just to open the tour there which is one of their favorite venues. I’ve only seen Third Eye Blind outdoors and that’s the best way to see them. There’s just something magical about their show and being outdoors that gives it a cool vibe. Jenkins is a gracious performer and always shows his fans how much he loves them.

Although Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World formed the same year (1993), it wasn’t until 1997 when they released their debut albums. Of the band’s classic lineup, Jenkins and drummer Brad Hargreaves are the only remaining members, however, the current line-up with Kryz Reid (Guitar), Alex LeCavalier (Bass), and newest member Colin CreeV (Keyboards) are as close as you’ll get to the original line-up. The group’s unique sound remains the same. It’s been four years since the group has released an album, but be sure to look for a new one has Jenkins announced that night there will be a new album titled Screamer that they finished recording.

Third Eye Blind played a 20-song set and started with the title track of their forthcoming album. Third Eye Blind played many great songs including their top 10 hits “How’s It Going to Be,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” and “Jumper.” Third Eye Blind closed out the show with “God of Wine.” The "Summer Gods" tour concludes at the Five Point Amphitheater in Irvine, CA on August 3rd.

If you’re a SoCal resident, there’s also another chance to see this show at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista on Aug 1.

Jimmy Eat World Setlist:

  1. Pain

  2. Futures

  3. Work

  4. Bleed American

  5. I Will Steal You Back

  6. Lucky Denver Mint

  7. Big Casino

  8. Hear You Me

  9. Sure & Certain

  10. Sweetness

  11. Love Never

  12. Always Be

  13. A Praise Chorus

  14. The Middle

Third Eye Blind Setlist:

  1. Screamer

  2. The Kids

  3. Never Let You Go

  4. Back to Zero

  5. Can You Take Me/ London

  6. Graduate

  7. Wounded

  8. I Want You

  9. Slow Motion

  10. Motorcycle Drive By

  11. Company of Strangers

  12. Jumper

  13. Bonfire

  14. Something In You

  15. Crystal Baller

  16. How’s It Going to Be?


       17. Losing A Whole Year

       18. New Song

       19. Semi-Charmed Life

       20.  God Of Wine