Jensen Loudspeakers Releases 10” Blackbird 40

Jensen Speakers introduces the Jensen Blackbird 10-40, a new 10” guitar speaker in the Blackbird family.

The Blackbird 10-40 is a completely new 40W speaker, with a 1.25” copper-wound voice coil and the exclusive “Reinforced AlNiCo” magnet design that Jensen developed for the highly successful Blackbird 12-40.

The Blackbird 10-40 is designed to provide a distinct vintage voice, with some important improvements to make it better suited to modern amplifiers and tonal requirements. First, it exhibits a strong, firm bass range capable of delivering a solid foundation to any tone. Additionally, the Blackbird 10-40 hits above 96.4dB of efficiency, a remarkable performance for a small, lightweight, vintage-inspired speaker. These elements, together with its iconic chime and sparkle, make the speaker well suited for both classic and modern applications, including higher gain and overdriven tones.

The key to such improvements lies in the exclusive Reinforced AlNiCo magnet design, which is about 30% more efficient than an equally sized traditional magnet. The Blackbird 10-40 in fact behaves as if it was loaded with a much bigger, more expensive, and heavier magnet with better control of the lower bass range and a higher overall efficiency of the speaker itself.

The Blackbird 10-40 delivers the unmistakable voice of a vintage-inspired Jensen AlNiCo speaker, supported by a stronger, firmer bass range, with musical midrange and detail, yet smooth trebles. The Blackbird 10-40 is equally suited as an upgrade for a classic vintage amplifier as it is to give voice to a new, modern design from the cleanest to the most aggressive tones.

The 10“ Blackbird 40 is available now with a retail price of $194.99.