JammJam at Tower Records (Gibson Brands Sunset) in Los Angeles, CA

725 people attended Jammcard's JammJam event at Tower Records (Gibson Brands Sunset) sponsored by Gibson and Remo on Aug. 22. The JammJam is a curated live music event featuring L.A.'s best players. Attendees ranged from world class musicians, filmmakers, company founders, investors, to music industry leaders. Some of the performers included the Brandon Brown Collective (Stevie Wonder), Tal Wilkenfeld (Jeff Beck), Ty Taylor (Vintage Trouble), Victoria Theodore (Beyoncé) among others.

Jammcard, the Professional Musicians Network, has also teamed up with Arcturus, a immersive entertainment company led by Andy Stack (YouTube), Ewan Johnson (Pixar) and Devin Horsman (Forbes 30 Under 30) to capture the JammJam in 360 and produce JammJam VR.

For more info, visit jammcard.com